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Evolving geopolitics and its effects on occupied Balochistan

IP Gas pipeline and Balochistan's territory

IP Gas pipeline and Balochistan’s territory

Baloch nation was facing a slow motion genocide by Iranian and Pakistani forces since the first day of occupation of Baloch land but now it faces a new foreign enemy China, who will be directly involved in Baloch genocide in the near future.

The effects of Chinese takeover of Gwadar Port can already easily be seen in occupied Balochistan as the kill and dump policy has intensified and has been extended to Karachi.

Within the span of just few weeks, dead bodies of more than 8 Baloch missing persons, most of them students, have been dumped in Karachi area. Just two days ago, two missing persons Babo Iftekhar Baloch and Maqbool Ahmad Baloch were dumped by Pakistani forces in the Mangopeer area of Karachi.

From the day Pakistani authorities planned to transfer Gwadar port and started negotiation on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project the state terrorism dramatically increased, which resulted in four fresh military operations in Mashkey, Mangochar, Mastung and Panjgur area of Balochistan. Military operationwere followed by bomb blasts in Quetta, which were conducted by Pakistan’s proxy Lashkar-e-Jangvi. (more…)


The need to institutionalise the Baloch Liberation Struggle

dpic1The Baloch liberation movement is continuing since 1948 after Pakistani forces occupied Balochistan forcefully. This essay will highlight the importance of the institutionalisation of movement for sustainable resistance. The first part of essay will highlight the concentration of Irish leadership on institutionalisation and refusal of British state as whole. In the second part the essay will look into the concept of institutionalisation according to social scientists and the third part concludes how institutions can began in the Baloch national struggle.

“They can even conscript us!, they can use us as cannon fodder in the Somme but we have a weapon more powerful than any in the whole arsenal of the British Empire, that weapon is our refusal, Our refusal to bow to any order but our own, Any institution but our own” Michael Collins (more…)

Successful freedom movement and its core prerequisite

  • Author: Jamal Nasir Baloch

NationsFor every illegally occupied nation there comes a time that they need a clear democratic plan in order to regain their independence. Occupied nations always aspired toward freedom which will restore their natural rights. Those nations who happened to have political leaders with clear vision about the future prospect of the nation have succeeded to change the fate of their nation into modern democratic state.
Occupied nations who failed to act as a nation have never been accepted as owner of their own homeland by the international community.

The Baloch who have been struggling since mid19th century for their freedom now reached at a point where they have two options which will decided their future as an independent nation in the region. First is the one which was chosen by Balochistan’s former ruler, Khan of Kalat Mir Ahmadyar Khan, who was able to sustain Baloch freedom for only 227 days. The tragedy of Kalat State was that almost the entire government of Balochistan consisted of outsiders. He even imported a prime minister from India. The second option is the one that we do not have to repeat the mistake again. Before we regain our independence we must produce clear roadmap of what sort of state and institutions we are going to have during the transitional process and thereafter. Without a clear plan and objective we may experience the same problem that our political leaders had experienced in the past.



Author: Jamal Nasir Baloch

The Communist Manifesto wrote by Karl Marx and Frederick Engle’s in 1848. In the first part of The Communist Manifesto Marx and Engels highlighted the historical development of the Bourgeois and the ensuing industrialised revolution.

Marx proclaimed that “the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle” . In The Communist Manifesto, Marx argued that the growth of the industrialised revolution give rise to ‘two’ competing classes, the Bourgeois (ruling class) and the Proletarians (working class) directly opposing each other.

Marx highlighted that throughout history societies are divided into various orders. The French revolution caused the fall of the feudal system which give rise to the modern Bourgeois. The rise of Bourgeois led to the establishment of two new classes and a new social order in which new forms of oppression and struggle were created. (more…)

The Pakistani Colonial State Has Killed 3 Revolutionary Baloch Leaders In Just 5 days

Posted on November 27, 2011

Baloch are protesting against on going genocide

Baloch are protesting against on going genocide

Since the illegal occupation of Independence Baloch state Pakistan has been continuously committing atrocities against the people of occupied Balochistan. After a lull between 1980s and 90s the occupying state once against has intensified its atrocities in Balochistan from 2000 onward.  This is the fifth war of liberation against the colonial occupation of Pakistan. Since the beginning of this war 13000 people including 150 children and 170 women have forcefully kidnapped by the state’s security forces.

The kill and dump policy has been escalated from July 2010 after Pakistani Interior minister visited occupied Balochistan and warned the students and political parties that colonial power will use all oppressive tactics to deter the Baloch revolutionary struggle. Since then more than 325 bullet riddled bodies of missing political activists have been dumped by the occupying army in different places of Balochistan. In the last five days three senior secular and democratic leaders’ bullet riddled bodies have been dumped by Pakistani forces, Jalil Reki Baloch, Younas Baloch and Nako Khair Bux Baloch respectively. (more…)

A Short History of Balochistan: Another Example of the Ravages of Imperialism

Posted on November 16, 2011

0,,6411198_4,00This world is familiar with Afghanistan, Iraq or Vietnam but whenever I ask my socialist friends about Balochistan, they just reply in one word “where is it?” Balochistan has always been an attraction for the Imperialist and Capitalist powers because of her geo-political importance. Baloch always defeated the outsiders.  On 13 November 1839 the British imperialist forces attacked the palace of Balochistan’s ruler, Mehrab Khan Baloch, the then ruler of the Baloch state and his companions resisted the wanton attack of British forces till the last drop of blood. Mehrab Khan including his several friends embraced martyrdom.

After the British succeeded in eliminating, Mehrab Khan, they divided Balochistan in three parts by drawing two arbitrary lines on Baloch soil.  In 1873 British imperialism signed an agreement, excluding the Baloch, with the Persians and gave the western part of Balochistan to Persia (modern day Iran). Twenty years later in 1893 British drew another artificial line called the “Durand Line” giving a big chunk of Northern Balochistan to Afghanistan, which is the modern political boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan. (more…)

Witness to the Revolution

Author : JN Baloch

I saw  tears of the  sky and  land, tears which were expressing happiness,  this was a strange day for me. I went outside to see the Kalmatis of Gwadar but there was no Kalmatis. I went to Mannd for the Rinds but there was no Rind any more ,I went to Hub and I was failed to find any Jam there. I was in the state of distraction that what happened in one night which have changed my surronding completly. I went to every village of Balochistan ,to find ,Marris ,Bugtis ,Jamalis , Lasharis ,Qambarani , Mengals , Rakshani , Hoth, Mazaris, Magsi and all of the tribesmen but I was failed to find any of these in Balochistan. There was neither a tribe nor tribal chief anymore . However I saw some bony men, under the trees and in the shadow of Mountains. These skinny men were asking question to some healthy and fat man, wearing expensive clothes and assesroies (as the judge ask question to criminals), and most of them were crying for mercy. I was still unknown about the situation, I suddenly saw an old and I asked him

National Traitors

National Traitors


‘Baloch Youth’ are being pushed against the wall and forced to abandon open surface politics

Author: Jamal Nasir Baloch

Balochistan is an occupied country which is widely hidden and unknown to rest of the civilized world. The vast deserted area which is the richest land in the region has been facing barbarism since March 1948 after she was occupied by Pakistani State. The Baloch society and Baloch struggle passed through many processes which developed the struggle politically and strategically, the set up of institute like BSO and semi-centralized armed national defense forces such as BPLF in70s played a great role in liberation movement as well as prepared many national leaders who served national cause till their death. The Baloch national struggle had gone through several filtrations which divided many organizations and made many new institutions which later on proved that they are not individuals but national representative of Baloch Nation. The BSO’s division and disintegration led it into a more structurised and revolutionary institute like BSO Azaad.  The filtration process of Baloch National cause produced many pro-federal organizations but in the last the structuring process ended into a straight forward organization like BNM (Baloch National Movement) which demands for complete national liberation and unconditional withdrawal of Iran and Pakistan from Occupied Balochistan.

Baloch children holding the pictures of national leaders

Baloch children holding the pictures of national leaders


Balochistan: The 21st century’s Germany under Nazis rule

Author: Jamal Nasir Baloch

Faiz Mohammad Marri abducted by Pakistani Forces Once Goering second in Command of Hitler imperialist government asked one of his advisor “What is the solution of Jewish National Question” The Advisor replied “No Jews no National Question”. Many years ago a British Military commander has been quoted as saying “more Marri more problem, less Marri less problem and no Marri no problem” After almost sixty years the history is repeating itself. Today, however, it is not the Jews but it is the Baloch National Question! The slogan or policies of the occupying states seem to be “No Baloch No problem”. The USSR and British Alliance succeeded in finishing the Hitler’s imperialism but these hypocrite capitalists established an artificial state to serve their purpose, Pakistan, soon after WW2. Pakistan was made by the British after they had realized that Indian State will never accept the dictation of foreign forces against their National Interest (Indian interest).  The British, however, found another Nation that could play the role of a perfect watch dog against the USSR and incoming communism threats from East, that Nation was the Punjabi nation which is the dominant people in Pakistan. (more…)

The Stranger Land “Baluchistan”

Old Map Of Baluchistan,Afghanistan and Iran,which show the boundaries of Independent Baluchistan before British attack

Author:Jamal Nasir Baloch

You might have heard about Durand line, Strait of Hormuz , Marghar Civilization, and you perhaps also heard of the Gedrosia which is an unforgettable name for the Greeks! If you are a British or American then you may not be familiar with this name Gedrosia. However you do know where Helmand is. Yes, Helmand in Afghanistan but you must be wondering that why I am asking about these places. Actually these are some Places of Baluchistan, Yes Baluchistan ,yet another unfamiliar word for this civilized world, a name which is seem like a stranger! Let me try and describe to you this Stranger land in the following few paragraphs.

Baluchistan is divided in three parts all to thanks to British imperialism otherwise we were an independent country. One part of Baluchistan is controlled by Afghanistan which consist area of currently known as Helmand, Frah and Nimruz, the name Helmand is mostly under the spotlights because of the ongoing insurgency and the so called war on terror. The Second part is occupied by Pakistan and a third part has been forcefully annexed by Iran, which now known as Iranian Occupied Baluchistan. (more…)