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Islam as nationality and identity

the-prohibition-of-nationalism-in-islamAuthor: Jamal Nasir Baloch

Europeans are in a great tragedy. After Paris they were struck in Brussels, which is regarded as the political capital of Europe. They are witnessing a new era of terrorism on their soil but they have, in my views, failed to address the real problem. In west many great minds believe that counter-insurgency, war or promoting moderate notion of Islam will address that threat. Unfortunately, they are wrong and could not defeat Islamic fascism until they do not accept the fact that West has itself legitimized that Frankenstein ideology. Among all Islamic organizations regardless of their means of struggle, the notion of Ummah or one Islamic nation is essential and that very principle defines their ultimate objective i.e. to establish an Islamic State or Caliphate. One of the core principles of the Political Islam is that all Muslim are part of a greater Ummah. Thus Muslim are one nation and people; they should be governed by a unified state under God’s Law. Read the rest of this entry


Has Pakistan conquered Balochistan?

On 26 August 2015 BBC Urdu broke the news that self-proclaimed Nawab of Bugti tribe and President of Baloch Republican Party Brahumdagh Bugti has announced that he is ready to withdraw the demand of an independent Balochistan. In his latest interview he also emphasised that he always wanted to negotiate with Pakistani establishment but they (establishment) were never serious to talk on Balochistan’s issue. Mr Bugti is the grandson of Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti who was murdered by Pakistan military on 26 August 2006. After Nawab Akbar Bugti’s murder Brahumdagh took refuge in Afghanistan for several years and then moved to Switzerland in 2010 where he applied for political asylum. Brahumdagh Bugti’s approval of Pakistani colonization was welcomed by the Pakistani main stream media and the government also excitedly announced to form a committee to have negotiations with Mr Bugti.

Gwadar port

Pakistan Army personnel at Gwadar Port

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