Mass grave discovered in Pakistani occupied Balochistan

Updated on 26/01/2014 at 23:00

A mass grave has been discovered in Tootak area of Balochistan. Tootak is located in district Khuzdar, where Nazi’s SS style notorious dead squad are established by Pakistani state to counter the pro-independence Baloch activists.According to local media a shepherd discovered a grave, which had more than 15 dead bodies buried. Most of the bodies were completely mutilated and unrecognisable. On the second day people made new discoveries of human corpses in the mass grave area in Tootak, Balochistan. People have witnessed more than 100 human bodies in Tootak while they were digging the area. However Pakistani military forces stoped the local people from unearthing the mass graves and seized  this particular area where now,no one is allowed except military personnels.


VBMP Long March

It is not the first mass grave, which has been discovered from occupied territory of Balochistan, such graves were also discovered in the past and most of the victims were identified as enforced, disappeared persons. Pakistan has abducted more than 18000 people from occupied Balochistan. According to the representative organisation of families of involuntarily disappeared people, Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP), more than 1000 enforced disappeared persons have also been murdered in the Pakistani concentration camps and then their bodies dumped in the deserted areas.

VBMP also started one of the longest march ever walked in South Asia, which is from Quetta to Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital. Marchers have continuously been receiving death threats from ISI, Pakistani version of CIA, to abandon their march.

The Pakistani media is not allowed to cover the long march because of Pakistan’s military involvement in the crimes against humanity. The western aiders to Pakistan including Britain (which pays approximately 250 million pound to Pakistani state each year) have also failed to pressure Pakistan to respect human rights in Balochistan. The human rights violation could be escalated as the Pakistani government recently passed a new controversial law ‘Pakistani Protection Ordinance’, which has legalised the enforced disappearance.

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About JNBaloch

Jamal Nasir Baloch is a political activist working to protect the basic human rights of Baloch Nation, he is currently based in London.

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