Grand Strategy for the stability and economic development in the Middle East and Af-Pak region

The colonial geopolitical design of Middle East cannot deliver stability, democracy and prosperity due to its flawed structure. The western states, in particular the U.S.A and western European government, have been using their tax payers’ money in their fight against terrorism now for decades.

Transition to democracy has profoundly transformed many regions of the world in the second half of the last century. These regions include Europe, Latin American, Far East and Central Asian. Restoration of democracy and independence among many nations after the breakup of Soviet Union has played a vital role in renewal of commerce and economic progress in eastern European region. However, the authoritarian states in Middle East, especially the fanatical states of Iran and Pakistan are the main barriers to democracy and rule of law. They are the chief source of religious fundamentalism and cause of instability in Afghanistan.

Jeffrey Goldberg's Map

Jeffrey Goldberg’s Map

The political system of these two states is founded and functions on exploitation, religious fanaticism and blatant colonialism. Iran and Pakistan are not nations. They are artificial borders, comprised of many different nations. Iran is dominated by Persians and Pakistan is dominated by the Punjabis. The other nations are the colonies of these two nations.

If western powers want democracy, stability and economic development they should stop supporting the rogue states like Pakistan and Iran. They should support the national democratic movements that currently are in progress among oppressed nations within these fake boundaries. Respecting the democratic rights of these nations and supporting them to regain their freedom is the only viable route to long term stability and prosperity in this region.

Supporting the democratic movements to the point of independence similar to that of Kosovo is a more effective strategy than direct military intervention. Allowing Balochistan to regain its independence will stop China’s strategic plan to control Strait of Hormuz. Restoration of democracy in Balochistan in turn will influence the state of affairs in Afghanistan and the nearby areas.The handover of Balochistan port, Gwadar, to China by Pakistan is not just a major threat to Baloch interest but it is against the interest of all liberal democratic nations all over the world.

According to Hyrbyair Marri a leading Baloch political leader: “Pakistan and China are going to turn Balochistan into a proxy war zone. This is not what we or the rest of the world wants. We are ready to stop this page of lunacy before it is turned. It is the moral duty of the world to take a concrete action and to play active role in this matter. Remaining as silent spectators will cost all of us unthinkable loss of life and resources. Pakistan and Iran are using China to stop the Indian and American influence in the region. It is high time the international community take a responsible stance. Pakistan, Iran and China’s plan for Balochistan will only bring more misfortune, misery and bloodshed not just for the Baloch but to the region as a whole.”

The states of Pakistan and Iran recognise no limit in violation of human rights. Only the state of Pakistan in the last five years has abducted and disappeared more Baloch political and human rights activists than Argentina’s military during their Dirty War. The world should not allow the states of Iran and Pakistan to continue their atrocities against Baloch. If they do not act now, this trend will not only continue but will get much worse.
As they helped Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), NATO and other forces from democratic nations should assist Baloch to change the direction of the war from further destruction to Baloch freedom. Low cost air protection would enable Baloch democratic resistance movement to expand their control over Balochistan and establish a pro-western liberal democracy on the one of most strategic location in the world.

The solution to the long-lasting problem of Middle East lies in introduction of democracy, rule of law and respect of human rights. But these principles cannot be applied effectively unless subjugated nations such as Baloch, Kurds, Sindhis and others get their full democratic rights. The old British colonial design cannot go on anymore. The West needs to re-examine their long term strategy in the region. To counter religious extremism, Pakistan and Iran militarism and expansionism they need to support the progressive and democratic movements that are already on the ground and resisting these repressive regimes. This is the only viable long term solution that will counter further atrocities and will lead to permanent stability and development in the region.

The author is a political activist, blogger and student of War, Politics and Government at University of London. He tweets at

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About JNBaloch

Jamal Nasir Baloch is a political activist working to protect the basic human rights of Baloch Nation, he is currently based in London.

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