Comments on Dr.Frederic Grare research on Balochistan.


Grare report on Balochistan

“The nationalist parties should participate in provincial elections in May. Only their participation in Balochistan’s administration can confer sufficient legitimacy on the provincial government. A legitimate and credible Baloch government can re-establish local control over the province, help reduce violence, and advocate for Balochistan on the federal level” Dr Frederic Grare, 2013

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Director and Senior Associate  South Asia Program, Dr. Frederic Grare, has suggested Baloch nation to participate in elections.

I would like to remind Dr. Grare to please take into account the European history in his mind before favouring the occupation of our country. There was no any peace in the Europe until Europeans brought Westphalia treaty, which made modern nation states and ended the religious justification (in other words the Roman Empire) as the superior authority. The world should accept the Baloch nation’s right for a nation state, otherwise there will not be any peace in the region as there wasn’t in Europe until 1648. Not a piece of paper, made by CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT in the name of International peace, can bring peace but Only a Kurd nation state, a Tamil nation state, a Baloch nation state, a Sindhi Nation state etc can. This is 21st century, the era of equality and mutual interest, in which the international peace can only be brought by mutual respect of sovereignty not by compromise on the very basic right to nationality.


About JNBaloch

Jamal Nasir Baloch is a political activist working to protect the basic human rights of Baloch Nation, he is currently based in London.

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