Witness to the Revolution

Author : JN Baloch

I saw  tears of the  sky and  land, tears which were expressing happiness,  this was a strange day for me. I went outside to see the Kalmatis of Gwadar but there was no Kalmatis. I went to Mannd for the Rinds but there was no Rind any more ,I went to Hub and I was failed to find any Jam there. I was in the state of distraction that what happened in one night which have changed my surronding completly. I went to every village of Balochistan ,to find ,Marris ,Bugtis ,Jamalis , Lasharis ,Qambarani , Mengals , Rakshani , Hoth, Mazaris, Magsi and all of the tribesmen but I was failed to find any of these in Balochistan. There was neither a tribe nor tribal chief anymore . However I saw some bony men, under the trees and in the shadow of Mountains. These skinny men were asking question to some healthy and fat man, wearing expensive clothes and assesroies (as the judge ask question to criminals), and most of them were crying for mercy. I was still unknown about the situation, I suddenly saw an old and I asked him

National Traitors

National Traitors

O peer mard he che bigha een, doraa heen ,mardum kojanth ,na takk asth ….nhe khe Sardar …………o he lagireen mard kayaan khe cho mazari bimm dayaaan . O old man whats happening here ,where are the peoples ,I can’t see any tribe nor any Chief and who these men are ? the men who are thin and skinny but are still powerful and stronger.

The Old man replied: Mani warna tao zana sahi nahee Balochistan azaad inth , na sardar asth nhe khe qabila ,agha cinzhe asth …faqath Baloch o Balochiat ,o e lagareen mard Sarmachar anth ….o marochi cha gaddaraan Hisaab e roch inth, ke ishani dast ma ishani kosht o koshaara maan bita! My youth, don’t you know Balochistan is liberated ? Chiefs and tribe do not exist anymore, if there is anything than that is just Baloch as one Nation and these thin men are freedom fighters ,this is the day of judgment for the national traitors who were involved in the crime against humanity.

I had read revolution only in the books but now I was a witness to a revolution.

Note: This is not a formal article/story but  one of the Note which I published in Facebook for some friends . Written on : 26 December 2010


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  1. i believe we shd live as a one nation and shall not harbour such sentiments..balochis are our brothers and we love balochistan

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