‘Baloch Youth’ are being pushed against the wall and forced to abandon open surface politics

Author: Jamal Nasir Baloch

Balochistan is an occupied country which is widely hidden and unknown to rest of the civilized world. The vast deserted area which is the richest land in the region has been facing barbarism since March 1948 after she was occupied by Pakistani State. The Baloch society and Baloch struggle passed through many processes which developed the struggle politically and strategically, the set up of institute like BSO and semi-centralized armed national defense forces such as BPLF in70s played a great role in liberation movement as well as prepared many national leaders who served national cause till their death. The Baloch national struggle had gone through several filtrations which divided many organizations and made many new institutions which later on proved that they are not individuals but national representative of Baloch Nation. The BSO’s division and disintegration led it into a more structurised and revolutionary institute like BSO Azaad.  The filtration process of Baloch National cause produced many pro-federal organizations but in the last the structuring process ended into a straight forward organization like BNM (Baloch National Movement) which demands for complete national liberation and unconditional withdrawal of Iran and Pakistan from Occupied Balochistan.

Baloch children holding the pictures of national leaders

Baloch children holding the pictures of national leaders

However from 2004 (which can be recognized as the rising years of pro-liberation political parties) to 2010 Pakistan almost made it impossible for political parties to carry on working to achieve their political goals. Political institutions that believe in Gandhian no-violent and non-cooperative way of politics are also being pushed against the wall.  Since 1948 (after illegal occupation of Balochistan) the government institutions do not have any single Baloch representative but the officials departments are filled with those “Balochistanis” who have been shifted by Pakistani state to change Baloch nation into a minority or those Baloch who are appointed directly by Islamabad to serve Pakistani interest in occupied territory.

The 8000 Baloch missing persons comprise more than 50 % of Political activists, the numbers of political prisoners are not included those are facing barbarism and torture because of their political believes. No political organizations in Balochistan have got a permanent office because the Military of the occupying state doesn’t allow them to do so. Since 2004 the party Regions and Units are based on virtual divisions, the political organizations in Balochistan pays double price for their publications to private press companies for the reason that their political materials are considered as suspicious because of their liberal and democratic views. 70 percent of Political statements are being sent via electronic mail to news agencies because many activists are sure that their colleges have been traced by non-Baloch electronic shop owners while they sent faxes to other Units of their respective parties – their information had been passed to security agencies.

These restriction are unimaginable neither any civilized world can think that what difficulties Baloch are facing in their own homeland, although what is the main concern which almost made peaceful struggle in Balochistan impossible is that there are more than 600 Para-Military check posts in occupied Balochistan and in the Quetta (capital) every single check has CCTV cameras and other modern equipment which monitors  the activities of Baloch political activists, in the last 4 month 90 percent of missing persons have been abducted from these check posts.

On the other hand the dumped decomposed bodies are restricting youth from politics which is leading the philosophy toward defensive guerrilla strategy. Pakistan army abducted BNM Gwadar Zone president from one such check post and after few days his decomposed body was found near Turbat town. Hameed was also a senior member of Gwader Press Club but neither his pen nor his peaceful political belief saved him from the uncivilized security forces of Pakistan. It should be noted that the distance b/w both cities is 188 km where Pakistani army have established more than 50 check posts on Gwadar – Turbat highway. State and its intelligence agencies certainly can be the only power that can pass an abducted person from 50 army check posts, torture them to death and then dump their bodies in the deserted areas with a notes like:  “A gift for Baloch Nation”.  According to a Baloch leader Pakistan is not sending us the bodies of our sons but messages that I can do whatever I want! In other words each and every murder of Baloch nation is carried by State Intelligence agencies with impunity and blessings of the federal government. The statements of top provincial ministers, chief minister, the governor and Pakistani federal minister about initiating a selected target killing in Balochistan, are evident of a green signal or a license to kill the Baloch disappeared political activists.

Decomposed bodies

Decomposed bodies

The target killing of pro-freedom Baloch activists by state sponsored dummy organizations is another tactic which the Pakistani state is implying in Occupied Balochistan. These state sponsored extremist Organisation have targeted several political activists in different area of Balochistan. The former senator Mr. Habib Jalib Baloch, Mir Noorudin Mengal and other BNP members were also targeted because of their political stand against Pakistani atrocities in Occupied Balochistan.  The mind set of Pakistani Army can be gauged by their brutal tactics like “Kill and Dump” policy of Baloch detainees’ under-custody. All most every Baloch regardless their age, sex and political ideology or profession from 14 year old Baloch student, Majeed Zehri, to 70 year old Shadi Khan Marri have not been spared by state agent of the barbarism of Evil state of Pakistan and it intelligence agencies. The youth of occupied Balochistan have come the conclusion that the blood is required to nourish the liberation struggle as well as the blood of enemy is essential to gain complete Independence. Unfortunately, those political workers who believe in peaceful and democratic struggle are now left with no option but search an alternative way which can’t be a non-violence politics but………!

The Dragunov in Baloch's hand

The Dragunov in Baloch’s hand

Conclusion: The deliberate silence of the Western world, Human right organizations and the State controlled media is adding to the disappointment and frustration of Baloch political parties and their activists to pick up the satellite phones and Dragunov snipers to defend their Sky, Land and Coast from invaders because open surface politics have been made impossible for them.


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